With regard to tree removal in the Kelowna region, A&S Tree Solutions are experts. Call us to discuss your tree problem's alternatives! If the tree serves a purpose, all alternatives to save the tree can be explored.

For your trees, you want the best, and so do we. The best way to guarantee their long-term health and vitality is to prune trees. Trees are an investment in your property that can add value to your investment by providing the care for them. 

A&S tree solutions are specialized in Kelowna region stump grinding. Stumps can be a true problem as they can generate issues around your home's foundation. This can destroy irrigation or just hurt your garden's unattractive eye.

We are proud to provide professional, unbiased arborist services in Kelowna with guidance on all tree issues. Building on decades of experience to guarantee that you are fully conscious of the accessible alternatives for your specific circumstances.